Thursday, June 09, 2005

Youth Culture in Costa del Sol Andalucia

This article is primarily of interest to the younger foreign generation which has emerged in recent years in Costa del Sol as many families have left the UK in search of a better environment to raise their children in and coincides with the property boom to foreigners in Costa del Sol over the past decade.

It is generally accepted that Youth Culture in the UK is now directly linked to vast proportions of crime and initial reports suggest ASBOs or Anti Social Behaviour Disorders are not tough enough in dealing with persistent offenders. As Teachers Rights at school are being eroded & dissipating in favour of governmental directives for childrens discipline, many families have chosen the strongly family-orientated sytem Spain offers with its unmistakable advantage of bililinguality, and there are record numbers of teenagers & young families here now. Many young couples in their 20s & 30s have embraced the laid back way of life & financial opportunities the hospitality & Property industries have afforded over recent years.

The newUrban Andalucia section serves as a platform to help shed the light upon up and coming events that you may not generally get to hear about – a concept very unique to this coast. Take a look at our Urban Andalucian Festival Survival Guide or venture towards a riveting report on this year’s successful Rocket Festival; read up on a captivating experience at the Dragon event and discover the wonders of the La Chispa Holistic celebration in aid of the Summer Solstice.


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