Friday, July 22, 2005

Clampdown on the Costa

Spanish authorities take action against house building

The Spanish government is taking action against the housebuilding epidemic taking place along the Spanish coast, in light of mounting environmental concerns and growing pressure to prevent the coast from being irrevocably damaged. At present, new-build properties in Spain are being erected at a rapid rate, in a bid to meet steady demand for homes in popular holiday locations from European investors.

Subsequently, it is thought that somewhere close to a third of all of Spain's Mediterranean coastline has been taken up by the construction of new homes. Already popular holiday destinations are becoming inundated with new-builds in an attempt to meet strong demand, and many of these properties are not fully legal or authorised.

The Costa del Sol is a prime example of a region in which this has taken place, and recently, regional authorities announced the possibility of demolition to help resolve the issue.Now, the Spanish environment minister Cristina Narbona, has announced a plan to buy up "ecologically sensitive" land and private property that prevents access to the beach, in a pre-emptive, protective measure.

According to the Guardian authorities are yet to reveal exactly how much is being spent on the land purchases, which will take effect in "exceptional cases".

Greenpeace is warning that rapid house building could be have a huge adverse effect upon the Spanish coastline, and the environmental group stresses that more needs to be done to prevent the situation from worsening. According to Greenpeace the constructions of 768,000 new houses along the Spanish coast have been approved as well as 58 new golfing clubs and 77 sailing ports.


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