Wednesday, August 31, 2005

1000s disappointed as Seabreeze pulls Costa del Sol Concerts for Jamiroquai & Bryan Adams

Seabreeze Productions, a British-run music promoter based in Spain, has cancelled a series of concerts on the Costa del Sol, leaving ticket holders and intermediary businesses owed thousands of pounds.

Six thousand fans had bought tickets costing upwards of £32 each for Jamiroquai and Bryan Adams gigs, only to discover that the concerts, one earlier this month and the other at the beginning of next, would not take place. Seabreeze is based on the Costa del Sol but is run by British music promoter John Coletta, who is best known for working with major rock groups including Deep Purple. It has specialised in bringing British acts to Spain, with the shows billed ranging from Elton John to the English National Orchestra.

A spokesperson for Jamiroquai, who had been due to appear on August 6, issued the following statement: ?Promoters of Jamiroquai?s scheduled show in Marbella have today announced that they are unable to pay the costs of putting on the show. Jamiroquai, who along with their crew, trucks and equipment have been in town for two days, were ready willing and able to play tomorrow night?s concert and were extremely disappointed to be told the news.

?The promoters of the show, who have also cancelled several other scheduled shows with other artists through the remainder of the summer, were unable to fund the costs associated with putting on the show, including power, security, staging, policing and first aid.?
TickTackTicket, a Spanish agency, was used to sell tickets for the events. A recording on its ticket hotline now informs customers that all concerts are cancelled until further notice, due to technical and financial problems.

According to reports in the local press, the ticket agency and other companies involved with the event, as well as thousands of ticket holders, are still owed money, with TickTackTicket considering legal action after receiving no response from the promoter. Meanwhile, Seabreeze Productions has been uncontactable.


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