Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Marbella On The Up...Again!

A combination of its desirable Costa del Sol location and comparatively reasonable house prices has resulted in an influx of British property investors, according to a report on the Easier Property News website, despite the recent popularity other locations such in France, Italy and the US.

For upscale property buyers, £1 million could buy them a two-bedroom first floor flat in Knightsbridge, one of London's most desirable residential areas.

In contrast, £1 million will secure Marbella homebuyers a four bedroom, four-bathroom villa complete with private garden and swimming pool. "Marbella is comparatively expensive when pitching it against less established overseas property markets," Easier comments.

However, compared to premium London house prices, as a location for an investment property, "Marbella suddenly seems, dare we say, cheap".


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