Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mediterranean Real Estate Exhibition Costa del Sol

Today, November 24 saw the 2nd of a 4 day International Property Exhibition held at the Palacio de Congresos y Ferias in Malaga Costa del Sol.

Though busy, not packed, the event sponsored by Aifos may be a good guage of the transitional and currently bumpy real estate market in the Costa del Sol, though some promoters stands also covered property in Almeria, Murcia, Costa Blanca, Seville, Greek Islands & Brazil.

Notable by their absence were several high profile foreign developers & promoters normally highly visible at such events.

My overall impression was that although certain companies made serious efforts, building multi floor stands and even a showhouse from the promoters of Regidor Hills in Benahavis, the first day saw very few non-Spanish visitors or professionals & most of the attention focused around the Aifos stand.... not because of their developments but because Guadalpin Catering were running a free bar with canapes & andalucian tapas!


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