Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lara Museum Ronda Museums Andalucia

Lara Museum is an art and antiques museum, recently opened due to the private initiative of its promoter, Juan A. Lara Jurado, who has achieved the extensive task of restoring the former noble Ronda Andalucian identity and artistic magnificience of the Count of the Conquest of the Batans Islands' Palace, which was a former residence of some members of the Spanish Royal Family during their visits to Ronda.

Located on Armiñan Street, in the centre of Ronda's historic city quarter, next to the Tajo of Ronda, the Lara museum is part of an interesting series of buildings with palacial architecture located at the city of Ronda. Containing more than 2000 works seperated into seven great collections, it represents not only a lifetime of 50 years travelling the World collecting varied antiques, but also the first private museum space in the whole of Andalucia, where the world of communication, art, archaeology, film making, science and popular arts go together to show a wide and varied walk through our past.

Picture of Lara Museum Ronda


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