Thursday, June 09, 2005

Santa Maria Cathedral Ronda

Santa Maria Cathedral Ronda

According to the archaeological studies undertaken in the Ronda region, the church of the Virgin Mary of the Incarnation (Iglesia Santa Maria) was located near the remains of a paleochristian basilica from the 14th century A.D. Some historians also date the church back as far as the Roman Empire, having at that time the function of temple. This late suposition has still not been proved by archeological studies. In the same place, during the Arab domination period of Ronda's History, stood the main mosque of the Medina. From that age there remains now the arch of Mirhab and part of its wall, with vegetable-based arab plaster decoration, just hidden from view as it is located behind the tabernacle's altar. The Catholic Monarchs, after the conquest of the City of Ronda, ordered the building of a temple in the place of the mosque, and the construction started in 1485 and, after several problems, ended at the end of the 17th century.


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