Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hungarian Success in Andalcia

Malév has decided to prolong its scheduled Malaga flight till the end of October. Originally it should have operated only till the end of September, but the flight two times a week, was a great success among Hungarian travellers.

Malév Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft have almost always had full house on board carrying passengers from Budapest to Malaga, the ever so popular Spanish resort. There are mostly individual travellers but also tourist groups, and the number of transit passengers from Eastern-Europe is also significant. According to booking data the flight is going to have 100% load factor in August and September, while the numbers for October are also remarkable.

Spain means a growing potential for Malév. The Madrid flight showed a dynamic growth in years and is operating with high capacity ever since. From June this year the Southern region of Spain, with destination of Malaga, considered the gate of Andalucia can be reached by Malév?s direct flight. This is Spain?s most important tourist region; with 14% of travellers visiting this part of the country. Not only the high standard apartments, hotels, hostels and other tourist services are offered here but visitors can find an authentic Spanish atmosphere.

Malév?s new flights launched this year met a warm welcome. The Dublin-Athens, Helsinki-Athens flights proved to be remarkably successful from the very beginning among the Irish, Finnish and Greek travellers.


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