Monday, September 05, 2005

Water Shortages

Spanish water authorities and local councils are drawing up emergency plans to ship water to coastal areas, following the country?s worst drought for over 50 years.

With no sign of a let-up in the dry weather for the central, southern and eastern areas, the government has now ordered contingency plans to be produced on the basis that the water shortage will probably last for many years.

The water authority for the Segura basin, which covers the coastline from Alicante to Aguilas, has announced that it is considering hiring sea-going tankers to bring in water from areas with a more abundant supply. Reservoir levels in the area are down to 12% and the summer tourism is increasing demand still further.

On the Costa del Sol, regional authorities have also announced that one of their major reservoirs could dry up by November and that they will be pumping water in from other parts of Andalucia. ?One of the conditions is that it will not be used for watering golf courses,? Andalucia?s head of environment told the ?Guardian?


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