Monday, December 05, 2005

Fiesta de los Rondeles ? Casarabonela

Fiesta de los Rondeles ? Casarabonela The procession of the Virgin of the Rondeles will take place on the 12th December at the end of a 3 day celebration from 10 - 12 December.

The objective of the festival is for the local people to express gratitude to the Virgen de la Pastora for the harvest. At nightfall the tradition, which dates back several centuries, when the rondeles are lit ( grass torches impregnated with olive oil ) and the procession passes through the streets of the village.

When the procession arrives at the Church they sing the Salve a la Virgen and after this all the locals and visitors go to the plaza where hot cocoa and buns are enjoyed.


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