Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I think its about time to mention Marco's magnificent job running Skina restaurant in Marbella. Since Marco & Juan took over what was Messina, Skina restaurant has gone from strength to strength, receiving much acclaim & articles in Hi Magazine & more.

SKINA MARBELLAThey work so hard to make everyone's experience perfect down to such fine details, and presentation is an art form. I feel Marbella needs more of these chic reasonably priced restaurants & less of the franchise disappointments masquerading as traditional spanish eateries like the La Pesquera chain.. mediocre food, sulky service & rude staff. Do they really feel this is a fair reflection of Spain for tourists? It dismays me that in Marbella Skina, Messina, Garum, Taberna del Mercado & the likes work so hard to attract & keep business, yet don't get the recognition they deserve.

So to Timo, Marco, Pia, Diana et al...keep up the good work!!!

To the public.... if you haven't been to one or all of the above, make the time & notice the difference!!