Monday, December 05, 2005

Malaga Cathedral Bells

Eight of the 12 bells of Malaga Cathedral will return to the city in the middle of December after being restored by Alcantarilla ( Murcia ), as reported by the dean of the cathedral, Francisco Garcia Mota, who added that, until their final placement, they will be installed in the lower part of the atrium so that they can be viewed by the people of Malaga.

The dean explained that the works had been completed quickly and there will be 8 bells restored rather than the 4 predicted.

The 12 bells of the Cathedral were taken down at the beginning of September and transferred to the workshop, Relojería Valverde de Alcantarilla, except for one, that due to its poor condition will be replaced by a replica, which will be named after the patroness of the diocese of Malaga, Virgen de la Victoria.

Nevertheless, this will also be seen, since it will be in the bell tower of The Manquita, in a small museum, along with the other pieces that were removed.


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